raw. unedited. a day in a life.

As a stay at home mom/ work from home mom, our days are busy, yet simple. Between editing, talking to clients, and homeschooling our daughter, I am pretty much booked during a normal day. Coffee has been made numerous times and has become room temperature numerous times. It's home.

I love these little snap shots of our mundane days because it tells the story of our lives during this point in time. These snap shots are straight out of camera, RAW, unedited. It's the real real of our home life. And it tells our story. Our story right now with a 4 and a 2 year old.

In only a few years, these spaces in our home won't be filled with toys or sippy cups. The endless laundry and piles of dishes will suddenly end when the kids grow and go. I might not miss those things, but I'll miss this. I'll miss pajama days and the giggles. I'll miss the cuddles and constant need of snacks.

I love to soak up these days because the days before these days just flew by. Sometimes I want these days to fast forward. Sometimes I feel like I am failing as a parent. Like, being consistent isn't enough and all that I do during these mundane days are so mundane, repetitive. But these are the days. It won't last forever. I'm doing my best to cherish it.