Yearly traditions

are what make the Christmas memories more memorable. For us, it's going out together and picking a Christmas tree at the tree farm. Then taking it home, putting on some Christmas music or a Christmas movie and decorating it.

This is a memory I hope the kids will remember and carry on through their adult years.

Right now, our youngest, Lincoln was not a fan of Santa, but he loved the cookies and running through the trees to find the perfect one.

Our daughter, remembers how we went tree hunting last year and its something she's been looking forward to all week!

This season is my favorite because of these traditional and the memories it creates.

So go, create some memories for you and your family this season.



Canon R6 - my go to gear

For these photos, I used my Canon R6 with my RF 50mm 1.2 lens. Its been my favorite combo for outdoor sessions lately. I also brought the trusty ol' tripod and set the timer on the camera for our family photos.

I had my mom take my camera to snap a family picture of us, she didn't focus on us so its so blurry (see above), but I still love the memory.

Pro tip- don't delete blurry photos, slap some black and white on it and add grain. Somehow it adds some nostalgic feel to it-to me anyway.